Why some elderly citizens are choosing senior living communities

Why some elderly citizens are choosing senior or assisted living communities

Author Robert Geller
September 19, 2016

It is not a secret that for years, many elderly citizens have not liked the idea of being taken to senior homes by their families. In their opinion, when their children transfer them to skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities or board and care homes, it amounts to betrayal. They would prefer to live in their houses or under the care of their immediate family if they need regular attention.

However, an increasing number of seniors are gradually warming up to the idea of assisted living. They have realized that with today's fast pace of life, their children may not be in a position to take good care of them.

Why some elder citizens are choosing assisted living communities?
No home maintenance costs

Maintaining a home in good condition is a costly affair. You need to tend to the yard and pay for other running costs. With their bodies becoming increasingly frail, seniors do not wish to shovel snow or pull weeds. An assisted living community allows them to relax.

Better food

Many seniors that have been forced by circumstances to live alone do not eat proper meals. Even with cash at hand, they may not have the energy to shop for fresh groceries on a regular basis. So they opt to cook whatever food is available. When such a person joins an assisted living facility, they are likely to enjoy well-prepared meals.

Image from THE JERSEY JOURNAL, June 30, 2008.

Less boredom

Being alone in the house all day is not healthy for anyone. A senior will get bored of sitting in the house alone without anyone to keep them company. At an eldercare home, such a person will have the opportunity to exchange stories with like-minded people, thus killing boredom.


No driving

Older people may no longer enjoy driving since the roads have become busier. When living alone, such a person is forced to drive to the store to buy groceries. If they were to move to a home, the senior citizen would not have to face the pressure of driving. Instead, they can sit back and let others do the chores.

Feeling of safety

In many cities, older people are the target of young thieves that terrorize them. These young criminals know that seniors react slowly, so they can probably get away with attacks. A person living in an assisted living facility will not have to worry about their security.