The California Home For Seniors Difference

The most important word in California Home For Seniors is undoubtedly “home”.  Our goal is to find a place that our clients can really call home, and where they can receive the care and support they need.  It should also be somewhere they can live comfortably and enjoy life, and it should be a place where their families and loved ones will enjoy visiting.


Our team works hard to find that home for each of our clients, and we are available at every step along the process to provide help and guidance.  We provide one-on-one service for our clients, so you can be sure that we are looking for care communities that really fit the needs of yourself or your loved one.  Our contract department frequently updates the information of each of the facilities we track, so you can rest assured that the research we perform is up-to-date.  We’re also constantly looking for new facilities that meet our standards, so we can provide clients with as many good options as possible.


This level of individual service is one of the things that really sets us apart.  We take tremendous pride in being able to offer all of the advantages of a big business (like an extensive database of care facilities) along with the personal touch of a local business.  In addition to one-on-one service, we offer personalized tours of care facilities.  We also have years of experience to draw on, so we can provide clients with insight into the backgrounds, staff, and quality of different facilities.


We are very aware of how important it is to find a community that not only addresses your needs, but also one that fits in your budget.  Considering that costs are always a concern, it’s good to know that the care assessment and qualified placement referrals we offer here at California Home For Seniors are absolutely free.  We’re able to offer our services for free because many care facilities reimburse us.  When it comes to finding a care facility at the right price, we have years of experience in finding homes that meet our clients’ financial needs and provide the necessary level of care.


California Home For Seniors was started by Igor and Arthur Mogilevski in 2006.  In the years since, we’ve really come to understand both the senior housing industry and the challenges seniors and their loved ones face in finding the right home.  We are deeply committed to helping each client find a community in the right location, with the right service and amenities, and one that fits the client’s budget.  Our goal is always to provide each client with a place that they will be happy to call home.