Board and Care Homes/ Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)

The Benefits of Board and Care/ Residential Care Home (RCFE)

It is important to understand which type of California senior housing community is the right choice for your loved one. Unlike nursing homes and assisted living communities, which offer long-term senior care options, and are designed for a larger amount of residents, board and care facilities however, offer seniors more cozy, homelike settings, with close supervision. Here, loved ones have the ability to have their own private rooms, access to transit and assistance with daily and personal activities. Residential care facilities offer just the right amount of senior care while allowing seniors more and personal time. Our Board and Care facilities in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles do provide recreational activities, but typically fewer amenities than assisted living communities, and are often times less expensive.


Insurance: Most California board and care facilities do not accept any medical insurance such as Medicare or Medical for payment of services due to the fact that they are categorized as non-medical facilities. Other options of payment are preferred such as veteran benefits, pensions, savings, and family financial support. With any further questions on alternatives to insurance payments, call California Home for Seniors and a representative will explain the details during our FREE senior case assessment.


Age Range: : Most California board and care communities accept residents aged 65 or older, ands some accept residents aged below 65. If your loved one has a specific debilitating ailment (such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia), they may qualify to be residents. We can definitely help you navigate through the California assisted living facilities that offer special disability care.

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