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An overview

California Home For Seniors

It is a California-based placement agency that provides best placements regarding the assisted living facilities, senior living communities, and special memory care units to the seniors and adults.

The team of senior living advisors at California Home For Seniors are the most experienced and professional consultants of California.

The listed board and care/residential care homes (RCFE) and assisted living facilities at California Home For Seniors are pre-screened and licensed. It has over 8,000 facilities listed in its database.

Assisted living facilities at California Home For Seniors

With California Home For Seniors, it

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Affordable Assisted Living Facilities in Sacramento for Senior Citizen

California-based placement agency that provides best placements for assisted livings to the senior citizens. The Senior Living Advisors at California Home For Seniors listens to all the needs and requirements of the customers patiently and prepares the list of best assisted living facilities accordingly. Thus, at California Home for Seniors, it is easy to get the best senior livings or assisted living listed within a short time and reliable budget.

True meaning of Assisted Living

An assisted-living community provides a sense of home-like atmosphere with 24-hour on-site staff for seniors. Seniors can easily get basic

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Assisted Living vs Nursing Homes: A Self-Assessment Checklist

Source: Arthur M.
December 13, 2016

It may be difficult understanding the differences between a nursing home and assisted living program. In fact a large majority of Americans think they are the same thing just different ways of calling a facility that helps seniors. Learning the differences between long-term assistance can assist you at choosing which care option is correct for your elder loved one. It is perfectly acceptable to not understand the difference between the two long-term care facilities but when it comes to choosing which one if best for your

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5 mistakes to avoid when investigating assisted living options

Editor:  William Kamar
Date: Sept 25th 2016

Finding high quality assisted living can be a difficult task.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, you want to be certain you find the very best home possible for the resources, necessary care level, and location. To help you avoid making a mistake that could lead to misery for everyone involved, we’ve put together a list of the five most common mistakes people make when they’re assessing assisted living facilities.

1) Deciding alone While it’s not as bad to decide without consulting with anyone

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Dolores Beebe, left, Marilyn Kline, John Rogers, temporary center coordinator Denise Dorans, Jo Pompeo, and Anthony Morello, play scrabble at the 56th Street Senior Center in Bayonne, Wednesday, July 30, 2008. -- REENA ROSE SIBAYAN / THE JERSEY JOURNAL



Why some elderly citizens are choosing senior living communities

Why some elderly citizens are choosing senior or assisted living communities
Author Robert Geller
September 19, 2016

It is not a secret that for years, many elderly citizens have not liked the idea of being taken to senior homes by their families. In their opinion, when their children transfer them to skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities or board and care homes, it amounts to betrayal. They would prefer to live in their houses or under the care of their immediate family if they need regular attention.

However, an increasing number of seniors are

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Assisted living and the benefits of healthy food choices

Editor: L Melton
September 21, 2016

As we get older, the old adage that ‘you are what you eat’ becomes even more pertinent. It is vital that seniors eat well in order to lead a happy and active life, however, many who live alone struggle with basic meal preparation. This is just one of the reasons why assisted living facilities are so popular.

If you are considering an assisted living facility, knowing that you or your loved one is fully taken care of is one of the key considerations. As food is such

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5 signs that suggest it may be time for assisted living

5 Signs That Suggest It May Be Time For Assisted Living
Editor: William Kamar
September 14, 2016

It can be hard to recognize whether you’re as on top of things as you used to be, meaning it’s very difficult to assess yourself to decide if it’s time for assisted living. Instead of trying to look at the big picture, it’s often easier to look at the little red flags, the warning signs that things aren’t as they should be anymore. Any one of these five signs isn’t necessarily anything to worry about, but

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A guide to using veteran benefits to cover long-term care costs

A guide to using veteran benefits to cover long-term care costs
August 31, 2016
Author: Sarah Sullins

If your loved one has served their country, they may be eligible for financial assistance for both short- and long-term care. In most cases, veterans need to be at least 65 years of age to qualify for financial assistance from the Department of Veteran Affairs, or VA, but younger veterans who are 100% disabled may also qualify. Surviving spouses may also be able to take advantage of these benefits.

If you want to cover your loved one’s

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Five questions to ask when touring an assisted living facility

August 22, 2016

California Home for Seniors – Sarah Sullins

Choosing the ideal assisted living facility for your loved one is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many things to consider, from the cleanliness of the facility to the attitude of the staff and the size of the living spaces. Before you make any type of decision, you should visit the community and see if it meets the criteria you have for your loved one.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few questions you should ask before, during

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