5 signs that suggest it may be time for assisted living

5 Signs That Suggest It May Be Time For Assisted Living

Editor: William Kamar
September 14, 2016

It can be hard to recognize whether you’re as on top of things as you used to be, meaning it’s very difficult to assess yourself to decide if it's time for assisted living. Instead of trying to look at the big picture, it’s often easier to look at the little red flags, the warning signs that things aren’t as they should be anymore. Any one of these five signs isn’t necessarily anything to worry about, but if you see a pattern, think carefully about what comes next.

1. You’re letting the house get messyelderly

If chores are starting to pile up, it may be a sign that it’s time to look into assisted living options. This can manifest in all sorts of ways; dishes that don’t get done, piles of magazines, unsorted and unread mail, cat litter that lingers a bit longer than it ought to, anything that you wouldn’t have let slide before.

2. You don’t socialize as much as you used to

Are you withdrawing from friends and family, or failing to make it to church? Does it feel too difficult to get ready to go out, or to prepare your home to welcome guests? Enjoying the quiet is one thing, but sitting alone all the time because the alternatives feel too difficult can have a dire impact on your quality of life.

3. You’ve had a fall or other accident

Falls and other accidents happen to us all, but it should stand out as a major warning sign that it may be time for assisted living. It only takes one bad fall while you’re home alone to lead to serious consequences.

4. Your hygiene is slipping

Have you stopped being quite as consistent with doing your hair, fixing makeup, shaving—or worse, is it starting to get difficult to bathe, brush your teeth, or do laundry?

5. You aren’t eating properly

If you’re starting to skip meals or eat TV dinners and other low-quality fare because it’s too difficult to keep up, that’s a big warning sign. If you’re not sure, consider whether you’ve had weight changes recently, or if you’re starting to collect an unusual pantry full of excessive, or stale, items.

If you've noticed one or more of the above, it may be time to give us a call.