Working With An Advisor

Finding the eldercare community that's right for you or your loved one can be a real challenge at the best of times. An advisor can give you support and insight during this difficult process. By working with an experienced advisor, you will be able to see the full range of communities available and determine which places meet your individual needs. An advisor can also help you research, evaluate, and compare facilities, so you can find a place that offers the attention and care our seniors deserve.


Our advisors will take you by the hand and guide you through this process. We have years of experience finding terrific living situations for seniors with a wide range of capabilities, including those needing assisted living, board and care, retirement homes, and even communities for those with Alzheimer’s. You can speak with us directly, and we will help you determine what kind of facility and what kind of care you need. Our extensive database makes identifying the places that meet those needs straightforward and convenient. Our experience here in California means that we have real knowledge of the care providers in the area, and we take pride in sharing that knowledge with the people we help.


Identifying good candidates for your loved one’s new home is only the first step. Our advisors know that you need to really evaluate each community to find the right fit for your loved one. We help you contact the facilities directly, so you can ask them the most important questions and receive more detailed information. We even organize personalized tours of facilities, so you can form your own impressions of the communities.


When the time comes to decide on a new home for you or your loved one, the advisors here at California Home For Seniors will be a tremendous help. We will work with you to compare the benefits of each of your options and take into account your specific needs, and we will help you make a decision you can be comfortable with. California Home For Seniors is dedicated to finding an eldercare facility that you or your loved one can truly call home.


Here are Susan and John from Los Angeles, describing the attention and care they received when they contacted us: “Arthur was a tremendous comfort to my brother and I when we decided to move our mother into an assisted living environment. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we feel very fortunate that Arthur was there to make our father feel welcome and comfortable as well as answer any questions we had. His experience working with seniors was evident right away and made the transition to an assisted living environment much easier for our mother as well as for us. It has been several years now but when I think back it is Arthur and his caring that comes to mind.”